Some Published Articles*

For your reading pleasure, below are a sample of articles (PDFs) about gardening, food and folklore: 

 Summer Standouts: Regional Picks/Mountain West – Fine Gardening Magazine; July/August 2011

Excellent Eggplants: Eighteen to Try;  – Garden How-To Magazine; May/June 2011

Inherit the Earth: Why Treasure Heirloom Foods – Horticulture Magazine; May/June 2011

Forcing Flowering Branches: Bring the Joy of Nature Indoors This Winter – Coastal Home Magazine; Winter 2011

Eight Common Gardening Mistakes  – Gardening How-To Magazine, January/February 2011

Alluring Alliums: Astonishing Plants for the Kitchen and Garden (PDF) – Coastal Home Magazine; Fall 2010

Pet-Friendly Gardens (PDF) – Gardening How-To Magazine; May/June 2010

Ten Heirloom Tomatoes to Try Now (PDF) – Gardening How-To Magazine; July/August 2009

Twelve Early-Bloomers to Jump-Start Spring (PDF) – Gardening How-To Magazine; Jan/Feb 2008

Grow Great Roses: The Organic Way (PDF) – Gardening How-To Magazine; May/June 2006

Here’s the Buzz – Bee-Friendly Gardens (PDF) – Ventura County (California) Star

Surprising Facts about Christmas (PDF) – Ventura (California) Reporter

* = more writing samples are available upon request.

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